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  • Visa photo






    1. Dimensions - 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm (US passport photo size is accepted)
    2. Colour, sharp, made on high quality paper against a plain white background.
    3. Must be taken within last 6 months to enable easy identification of an applicant.
    4. Applicant's face must cover 70-80% of the photograph.
    5. Applicant must face camera directly, looking ahead with open eyes, natural face expression and closed mouth.
    6. Applicant cannot wear a hat or any other head covering.
    7. Applicant's hair must not cover any part of the face.

    In case an applicant wears glasses:

        o The glasses cannot be sunglasses or dimmed glasses.

        o The frames cannot cover any part of his/her eyes.

        o The glasses cannot produce any light reflexes.



    In case an applicant wears head covering required by his/her religion:

        o The covering cannot cover any part of face.

        o The photo must show the full head and the upper part of the neck, the right and left side of the face must be clearly visible.





    For detailed information click here (Polish)

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