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    On requirements for shipment of human body to Poland





    The body may be shipped to Poland upon a permit issued by a Polish Consular Office in the United States.


    Following documents are required:

    1. Written permission for shipment and burial issued by an appropriate local district or municipal authorities in Poland /STAROSTA or URZAD MIASTA/ - a fax copy is acceptable; must be provided by the family of the deceased.
    2. Death Certificate /original or certified copy/;
    3. Certificate and Affidavit issued by the Funeral Director, stating that the body was embalmed and placed in a hermetically sealed coffin;
    4. Certificate, stating that the death did not occur due to a communicable disease;
    5. Permission from the proper American Authorities for removal out of State;
    6. The consular fee of $58 (cash at the office, money order or cashier’s check by post). Please provide us with your pre-paid return envelope or cover the postage fee of $12.
    7. On the ground of the documents mentioned above the Consulate will issue a permit for shipment of the body.


    It is no longer required to have the casket sealed by the Consulate.


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